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Hello, Heather here. I’m so thrilled to welcome you to the new HGN blog!

Most of what you’ll see here is an extension of my professional knowledge and experiences in the form of stories, helpful nutrition and wellness guides, and seasonal recipes. I’ll share tips to nourish a busy life — body, mind and soul, and updates on the latest health news and trends.

This will also be a space to build a sense of community and connect with you on a more personal level. As the Wisconsin native who stereotypically loves cheese and brews beer with her husband. Fears butterflies and thunderstorms. Is prone to wander in search of everyday miracles. Air-conducts classical music. Believes creating in the kitchen has restorative powers. And is a recovering perfectionist who tries not to take herself or situations too seriously when things go haywire — and, yeah, they inevitably do.

I strive to find joy and balance in a healthy lifestyle, and hope this blog will provide some encouragement and inspiration for you to do the same! Because, when you live a life you love, it will love you back.



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p.s. I love hearing from you! Check back if you ask a question, because I’ll answer it here.

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