Hello, hello! This week’s Saturday Post is brought to you by the letter pumpkin. And the letter Halloween.

What a difference a week makes. The season change is becoming apparent as the overnight hours plunge into the 40s. Midday still sees 70 most of the time, but the chill is sinking in and the garden needs some TLC. Daylight is fading, mornings are a misty orange-ish pink, and the afternoon clouds hang low in strange formations.

Strange Clouds-10-2014

In general it’s the time for household projects — swapping out airy summer linens and summer clothes, yard tidying, preparing for upcoming holidays and guests. Next week’s holiday? It’s not really a big deal for us, but tradition does mandate watching The Nightmare Before Christmas, roasting at least one pumpkin + seeds, definitely pumpkin pancakes (though Anna’s GF pumpkin spice waffles are tempting). The kitchen has already seen pumpkin spice steamers, homemade PS bagels, and a batch of PS energy bars to send with my husband to work. And now that the sour ale is kegged, tipsy pumpkin is up next, because — if you can believe it — neither of us has ever had pumpkin beer.

Are you gearing up for a spooky Halloween week complete with parties, jack-o-lanterns, and tricks? Killer costume idea? We’ll be home to dish out treats for all who come to the door (five kids last year), but I’d love to read about your fun plans in the comments! And be sure to keep reading for my favorite links from the past week…

Cheers, Heather


Some interesting, fun, delicious reads:

  • The Farm to School movement is honored this month: improving child nutrition, supporting local economies, and providing opportunities for communities, families and little minds to learn more about the harvest in their area. DYK that nearly half of US school districts offer locally grown veg + fruit in lunches? Autumn is a great time to celebrate the harvest, even if your child’s school doesn’t participate, but you can change that by taking in a platter of tangerine pumpkins and banana ghosts for the class to celebrate!
  • Currently devouring “Live From Cape Canaveral.” A captivating history of the space race from a reporter’s view.
  • Ideas for a kid-friendly Halloween party: bloody meringue bones; a ghoulish pizza; and an activity + favor all in one! Or perhaps an adult-approved bash is more your speed.
  • Aside from the obvious missing pearls and white gloves, costume nailed. Obsessed with this little girl’s Frida, as a former child unibrow curator myself.
  • Frida owned her looks, and so should you. Today is the day to realize you are beautiful. #EndShame #SelfLove
  • On that note… appropriate words of wisdom for the coming week.

A few things from HGN:

  • beautiful autumn salad of roasted squash and cinnamon-y apple, mixed baby greens, creamy feta and aged balsamic vinegar; plus a few thoughts on seasonal eating for immune health.
  • Only 10 more weeks until 2014, so book a session bundle with me to start the new year already with a bang!

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