Another new month is here, Friends! Time is racing.

Back in Wisconsin the first week of November is marked with carpets of fading, yet still colorful, leaves. This year it was even ushered in with a dusting of snow! Gosh, I miss home. Here in North Carolina we’re welcomed with more sun, highs in the upper 60s and low 70s (boo hoo for us), and the processing of our cotton fields. Not “traditional” in my mind, but I’ve come to love being surrounded by fields of fluffy cotton ball plants, and then the cargo container-sized bales that sit in the fields for a week to cure. Kind of want to run straight into one.

Cotton bales_Oct 2014

Another sign of the times is the return of my favorite “snowbird” — our bald eagle — for her annual stopover. She’s been spending these afternoons gliding over the backyard with languid flaps of her wings. I am thankful for such beauty in our skies, short-lived as her stay may be.

Did you have a devilishly good Halloween? We had a record eight trick-or-treaters. A couple princesses and the rest were something resembling Power Rangers. No idea. Speaking of spooky, we finally broke into our stash of the new Boneshaker Espresso from our hometown caffeine gurus Stone Creek Coffee. It’s wicked in the best possible way, and more than adequately fueled last week’s busy schedule… and today’s: refresh the pressed flower and leaf frames, brighten up hearty pork shanks with a rosemary-saffron-tomato braise + citrus gremolata, teach myself the art of British steamed puddings and attempt a pumpkin ginger version for dessert.

Scroll down for my favorite links from the past several days, and welcome to November!

Cheers, Heather


Some interesting, fun, delicious reads:

  • Sugar hangover? Get up and move to set things right. While you’re at it, drop the candy at a dentist’s office.
  • Día de los Muertos is a three-day fiesta observed 31 Oct to 2 Nov to honor lost loved ones through prayer, colorful flowers, sparkly decorations, pan de muerto and other amazing eats. Some might think it macabre with a focus on death and skeletons, but I think it’s a beautiful celebration of life.
  • She’s such an empowering, hilarious woman — can’t wait until Amy Poehler’s Yes, Please is available on OverDrive!
  • These while I wait…
  • Martha Stewart is a genius.
  • This week’s pinned words of wisdom.

A few things from HGN:

  • Delving into the entirely new world of gluten-free baking + a recipe for my deliciously crisp and perfectly slice-able Rustic GF Dutch Oven Bread.
  • Only 9 more weeks until 2014, so book a session bundle with me to start the new year at your best!

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