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I can hardly believe it’s Saturday already. The second half of October already! The weeks are flying by — this past one in particular following the Columbus Day holiday.

Last Thursday marked our three-year wedding anniversary, and we had a chance to celebrate with special eats and sips over the weekend. A simple antipasti spread with a homemade batard on Saturday, then on Sunday a whole mahi mahi stuffed with lemon and herbs on the grill. Perfection.

antipasti_Oct 2014

With the day off Monday we kegged our clone of Russian River Consecration (so good), and finally tackled the last stack of paver stones (purchased over a year ago for our patio — hallelujah) by creating a walkway around the side of our house. The rest of the short work week included ambling around like a cowgirl who rode her horse too long (thanks to the frog-squat assumed for nearly three hours while leveling out and pounding in each stone), a wicked flu-shot-arm, and then a jolt of productive energy and brainstorming after an intense, meditative yoga session on Friday. The in-between was punctuated by recipe-testing (cheesecake, bagels, autumn salads), photography and writing, final prep for this upcoming week’s annual dietetics conference, and planning for what’s ahead with Heather Goesch Nutrition.

After all that, I’m sure in need of a restful weekend. Wishes to all of you for the same! Extra special wishes to my mum, who celebrates her birthday today — I love you! And now, a handful of my favorite links from the week.

Cheers, Heather

Some interesting, fun, delicious reads:

A few things from HGN:

  • How to use (and not waste!) the leftover pulp from home-making my Cinnamon Almond Milk + a recipe for fresh, nutritious and flavorful DIY flour. Bonus: it’s gluten-free.
  • Only 11 more weeks until 2014, so book a session bundle with me to start the new year already with a bang!
  • Are we Insta-pals? It’s a more personal space where I share snippets of my life not featured here or on the HGN Facebook page, and I’d love to see you there! Find me at @hagoesch.

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