I’m having a hard time believing that holiday season is just around the corner. Nevertheless, happy almost Thanksgiving week! The next five days will be devoted to readying our home for his parents’ stay, then preparing and sharing the feast. This is a milestone year for us: the first holiday celebrated in our home with guests. Let’s hope they’re ready for our quirky turkey tradition: smoked legs eaten caveman-style. It’s a shameless, napkin-heavy affair.

Aside from food, drink, (football) and company, the name tells us exactly why this holiday is so wonderful — thanks-giving. A lot happened in my life this year. Some incredible, some much the opposite. But even when things become tough to handle, there is always much to be thankful for. My husband, for his devotion, brilliance, strength and goofiness; the over-poured glasses of wine and culinary adventures; his ability to both rein me back in to reality and shoot my happiness beyond the moon. My family and friends, for love and unwavering encouragement, chuckles and high fives. Colleagues, faith, health, work, our home, the crazy cat, no hurricanes… Truly so much contributes to this blessed life we have.

November frost rose

How about you? What are you thankful for? A promotion, learning of an addition to your family, a great new coffee roast, personal health triumphs, roses that flourish in spite of frost, a winning fantasy football team? Do share!

In the meantime, grab a warm beverage, put up your feet and check out my favorite links below.

Cheers and Wishes for a joyous Thanksgiving to all those who celebrate, Heather

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Some interesting, fun, delicious reads:

  • November is Warrior Care Month, created to honor the strength and resilience of wounded, injured and ill military personnel + their families and caregivers. Show your strength by supporting recovery and reintegration of our nation’s service men and women.
  • For a parent, a child, a sibling, a spouse, a friend, or a comrade in arms who’s lost, everyday is Veteran’s Day. Everyday is Memorial Day. This NPR piece is powerful. Almost too real.
  • Since we’re talking rice on the blog this week, an additional 3 fail-safe methods for cooking it. Intrigued by Ottolenghi’s tray-baking. (p.s. Dad, please send more curry leaves.)
  • Staying healthy for the holidays. Suggestion #7 flies in the face of Joey’s approach to the Thanksgiving meal, buuuut it’s probably for the better.
  • A wealth of helpful information that could certainly come in handy this week can be found on pages 1072 and 1073 of The Joy of Cooking.
  • Rosemary twig place cards for your holiday table setting.
  • Thanksgiving week’s pinned words of wisdom.

A few things from HGN:

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