That was a full week! Our first Thanksgiving hosting experience, albeit a small gathering of four, went off without a hitch, from appetizers to dessert. The smoked turkey leg tradition was a hit, and none of us left the table wanting. With a re-fill of our wine glasses we took a game/eating break for teams Trivial Pursuit. We held our own against his parents, but were intellectually outmatched in the 1981 edition. It was a loss made less painful with generous servings of pumpkin souffle.

I hope plenty of good food, family and friends were in the cards for those of you who celebrated!

South Topsail Island_2014 Dec

The temperatures were warm and the sun was bright during their stay, perfect for long beach strolls and neighborhood walks. There was also a brewery tour and sampling, tastings of our own home-brewed creations, incredibly fresh, fat and briny oysters harvested from the waters just north of our home, a bit of shopping to support local shops on Small Business Saturday, and hooting and hollering as we watched the Badgers and Packers rout their opponents.

It was something we all needed: an infusion of Wisconsin for us, and an escape from the cold, sunless north for them. And don’t worry, we made plenty of time to relax, recharge and chat with one another.

MEB flight

Today we’re hauling out the holly and decking the halls, as it were. In other years that included a decorated tree, colorful poinsettias, twinkly lights strung up on the house, cedar swags around the door and porch pillars, plus plenty of cheer indoors. Things are different this year, more rushed it seems as we count down to holiday travel, so it’s a wreath and a few ribbons outside, with a selection of festive baubles around the house. Simple, but still cheery.

While I go attempt to find the Advent calendar, enjoy a few links from around the web-o-sphere. Have a good weekend.

Cheers, Heather

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Some interesting, fun, delicious reads:

  • The first full week in December is designated as Handwashing Awareness Week. Washing your hands is the single most effective way to prevent the spread of illness. Not just this week — every week of the year. “Clean hands are happy hands. Dirty hands are sad hands.
  • Did the post-holiday weigh-in on Monday trend higher? A recent study analyzed the daily self-reported weight readings of 80 adults for up to 330 days, finding that early week scale readings trend higher (following the weekend’s indulgences and relaxation), and then dip back down to their lowest point on Fridays (after resuming healthy eating and exercise routines during the week). The implication: being flexible with your diet — avoiding the unrealistic all-or-nothing approach, and opting instead for an 80:20 or 90:10 approach that allows for wiggle room and enjoyment — may help you stick to healthier eating habits and ultimately manage your weight long-term.
  • Public Service Announcement“Text Neck” is a real thing. Don’t suffer needlessly.
  • And on that note… this gave me pause.
  • Weak at the knees for the prettiest pink breakfast of all time. Dog-eared for Valentine’s Day.
  • Thoughtful pin for this week.

A few things from HGN:

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