Greetings from the road traveling north. The view from here…
KY drive That little blip in the center is in fact snow. Not much, but it’ll do. For now.

A steady infusion of coffee, homemade snacks, Trans-Siberian Orchestra and Mannheim Steamroller is arming us for what lies ahead: cold, hopefully a proper cover of snow, and more Christmas celebrations with relatives than are probably recommended in such a short time span. Crazy as our visit may be, I eagerly await this all year long. Family more than anything makes my world go around, and as my grandma so thoughtfully put it the other day, “it’s better to have too many family gatherings, than too few.” A-men.

Remember that tomorrow is winter solstice — the shortest day of the year. Each day to follow will be that much brighter! Hope you have a wonderful pre-holiday weekend, and now, enjoy some links from the past week.

Cheers and Wishes for love-filled holidays, Heather

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Some interesting, fun, delicious reads:

A few things from HGN:

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