For two glorious days we gave the brush off to Old Man Winter. Knowing it would be short-lived, I threw open the windows, letting the sunny breezes and smells and sounds of spring flood in around us. But as quickly as it came, the warmth was gone. Windows snapped tightly shut, fireplace and knee-high sweater socks back on, warding off the icy chill.

In my hunkering down, I learned a neat new trick. The photo is squidgy around the edges because it was taken with my phone camera through my binoculars! Finally I can capture our bald eagle, Bernice, in her home-away-from-home. See her there at the bottom, middle-right? You can faintly make out the bright white of her head. Okay, it’s not great, but at least she’s more than the usual speck. Camera hack for the (kind of) win.

Eagle binocs-zoom

And because you’re dying to know how the once-frozen crocus are faring…

I apparently bought a mutant Arctic-turbo strain.

Crocuses_March 2015

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