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I’m still playing catch-up after a blissful holiday hosting family. Things have been nuts (read: inbox explosion), but the good kind of nuts. The kind that my mind easily slipping back to our delicious exploits, funny conversations, relaxing down-time with books and crochet needles, garden inspirations, and best of all, the planning of future visits! It was a soul-satisfying week and a half. I can’t thank you both enough.

PP Garden Center

This weekend I’m going to snuggle up with the puss and a new book, write some overdue notes, and dream up something for my evening sweet. Coconut banana bread or a sticky spiced teff loaf? If the sun keeps up its appearances following the overnight soaking and cool-down, I’m primed to throw on the sloggers and gloves, put my hands into the freshly-tilled soil, and start my veg and herb seeds!

As always, take a look at this week’s round-up of links before you go. Have a most delightful weekend!

Cheers, Heather

We are, sadly, in the final stretch of National Nutrition Month®, but that doesn’t mean my tips on Facebook, Twitter or Google+ have come to an end. Pop by to get your daily dose of nutrition, fitness and wellness information!

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Some interesting, fun, delicious reads:

  • Wednesday 1 April is National Walking Day. Join in the celebration and take steps toward a longer, healthier life. Whether it’s on your own or in the company of your coworkers, kids’ school, neighborhood or community involved, hit the pavement for 30 minutes and help spread the word using information provided by the American Heart Association.
  • One for my fellow road-weary road warriors (and the jet-set crew, too) — yoga to the rescue. Love the bonus tip to pose at the pump. That’ll give a few folks something to tell their friends about!
  • Minus the sprouts I don’t have, pretty pumped to incorporate the leftover bounty from my visitors with this roasted golden beet, avocado and tzatziki sandwich.
  • Which is better: paper towels or air hand dryers? The answer may shock (and disgust) you.
  • Muffin Tops are terrible and hysterical all at once.
  • This week’s pinned words of wisdom.

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  • Tying together the nutrition and physical activity themes of National Nutrition Month® 2015 Bite Into A Healthy Lifestyle. Fueling smart to play hard!

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