It’s a big weekend as far as holidays go.

Do you have plans to celebrate Easter tomorrow? This is one of my favorite holidays and times of the year.

Vibrant hues are ever more pervasive throughout the landscape. Haphazard forsythia branches a striking contrast against the vivid backdrop of new grass, blankets of palest purple wisteria giving new life to the skeletons of long-dead oak trees and, this weekend, pastel ribbons trailing from curly pigtails and flouncy dresses. The Easter table is also a delight — buttery soft sweet breads, delicate spring flavors of asparagus, favas, ramps, and tender greens, salty ham or herby roast lamb, glasses of chilled Rosé, burstingly fresh berries and the flavor of lemon to bring everything together.

A celebration of our entrance into the light.

Easter light

Or maybe for you the Passover celebrations commenced yesterday evening? Earlier this week I read an article describing the holiday’s customs and what it’s like to celebrate Seder. Then on Friday’s commute I listened to NPR’s Steve Inskeep make matzo ball soup with Joan Nathan. They both left me fascinated and starving.

Who has an empty seat for me at their Passover table? There’s this spiced fig and pecan haroset recipe I’m itching to try…

First Spring Daffies

Very low-key plans here, beginning with a quiet sunrise service at a park on the Intracoastal. To follow, I think a special coffee treat and a stab at relaxation. If that’s successful, and I can ease out from under the cat in our couch cocoon, homemade pasta for Easter supper.

Wishing each of you a beautiful holiday weekend, whether you celebrate Easter, Passover or NCAA basketball. And read on for my top links of the week.

Cheers, Heather

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Some interesting, fun, delicious reads:

  • As the food supply becomes increasingly globalized, the need to strengthen food safety systems is more important than ever. The World Health Organization announced that the focus of this year’s World Health Day on Tuesday is promoting food safety from farm to plate and everywhere in between.
  • Updated Easter basket idea for your littles, in case you’re scrambling last-minute (yes, pun intended) + a few special gifts to put inside.
  • On the heels of this week’s running post, this might be a new book for my stack–or yours?
  • Are you a budding mixologist? Grab these plans for a home-grown cocktail garden.
  • The men’s Final Four is tonight. I can’t watch but will cheer on my Wisconsin boys, rooting for a Big Ten duel in the championship! Go Big Red!
  • This week’s pinned words of wisdom.

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