Happy Satur-Derby Day! Are you tuning in, or drinking a Bourbon mint julep in a big floppy hat just because you can? I plan to cheer for the horse with the best name: Itsaknockout Lemon Drop Kid. Pucker pony!

We have fifteen minutes before the action starts, so let’s revisit the past week’s highlights through social media. If you’re following me, here are a few things you might have seen recently.

1. We finally have bread. Many homemade loaves have graced our kitchen, but this one — Tartine’s 10% rye — was fourteen days from start to finish. The suspense…

Worth it. Snappy crust jackpot. The leaven lives on in a refrigerated jar, and has already produced several “sour cast-off” goodies: waffles, crepes, and two batches of pizza dough. Any carb-loaders out there in need of a fix?

+ + + +

2. The garden has sprung to life (as has my Instagram feed @hagoesch). Baby sprouts of broccoli, cabbage, chard, summer squash, cucumber, okra and dill are peeking out. The collards, snap peas, arugula, spinach and strawberries are further along and good to eat. Oh, and the wild blackberries are right on schedule, brambling all over the place!

Soon my over-zealous planting (and the deliciously invasive blackberries) will get the best of me, requiring more attention than I have free time. For now I’m content to watch the little miracles bloom and grow, and continue strategizing my plan of attack with trusty resources and greens-powered smoothies. And bread.

Green smoothie_garden planning

+ + + +

3. Hop to Facebook and Twitter (@HGoeschRDN) now, where I recently shared news of an exciting new work collaboration with a community-based recipe, nutrition and wellness platform called Further Food. Their mission — help people further their health through delicious food — aligns very well with my own vision. When the opportunity presented itself, I joined their team of Registered Dietitian Nutritionists who provide nutrition commentary for each of the recipes submitted by Further Food community members. Eventually I’ll share some recipes/articles of my own.

If you’d like to keep up with my contributions, want to peek at the hundreds of healthy recipes currently featured, or just stay on top of the big things ahead for Further Food, you can follow along on FacebookTwitter, Pinterest or Instagram, or sign up for their newsletter at the website. Eat Better, Go Further.

Okay, enough with the social media and computer-ing. I left you with enough time to browse the link round-up from the past week, muddle the mint, pour the Bourbon and nab a ham biscuit before The Greatest Two Minutes in Sports! Hope your week was lovely, and that your weekend will is even better.

Cheers, Heather

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