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It’s been busy around here, and the weeks ahead look much the same. I often feel stretched too far in every direction, scurrying around at all times with no chance to catch my breath. Surely this is a product of my inability to relax and desire to take on as many projects at once as humanly possible, but it’s how I feel nonetheless.

Am I the outlier, or can you relate?

There is one ritual I always stop for: the sunrise. When I catch those first glimmers of gold behind the distant treetops, a feeling of reprieve washes over as morning breaks. It’s an opportunity to pause and breathe, and to acknowledge and give thanks for the blessings we enjoy. I know this calm, like the gentle golden light, will not last long, so I hold tight to these moments each new day.

Sunrise 16 May 2015_HGN

A couple recent early morning snaps to leave you with before another mad week begins.

Take care. Stop for a sunrise! And don’t forget the week’s favorite links below.

Cheers, Heather

Wild roses sunrise_HGN

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Interesting, fun, delicious reads:

  • May is Mental Health Month. This year’s theme is B4Stage4, focusing on how to address mental health concerns early, rather than at “Stage 4” when symptoms are more severe, and recovery a longer process.
  • New haul of strawberries in the house. Plans for gazpacho, coconut chia pudding, and freezer preserves pairing the strawberries with a few harvested wild blackberries… similar to this?
  • Will create a version of @lanewaygreens’ roasted sweet potato “salad” with (what looks to be) a carrot-red cabbage-zucchini-daikon slaw, tomatoes, popped amaranth and (perhaps) a dilled tzatziki sauce!
  • Are you using Periscope? Tell me about it. Worth the exploration?
  • This week’s pinned words of wisdom.

Recently on HGN:

  • Weekly Suppers: 4 – 8 May
  • Praising the grandpa of the nut bowl and broadening your nut milk horizons with Brazil nut milk. A must try!
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p.s. I love hearing from you! Check back if you ask a question, because I’ll answer it here.

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