Weekly Suppers: 15 – 19 June

This post is part of a series giving you a glimpse into what finds its way onto our plates Monday through Friday. I hope it not only provides recipe inspiration, but also motivation for you to integrate meal planning and more home-cooking into your own healthy lifestyles.

Weekly Suppers: 15 – 19 June

After days of traveling, meals at home are always that much more appreciated. Don’t you agree? This last week saw the final decline of the sugar snap peas. Sad, but probably good since the three types of squashes I planted — summer, zucchini, patty pan — and cucumbers are ripening all at once! Bon appetit!

Monday: [Traveling — conference supper at an Italian restaurant]

Tuesday: Breakfast for supper

Soft-scrambled eggs with microgreens and chives from the garden on thick toasted slices of my Tartine rye (squirreled away in the freezer). Fresh cherries and rounds of cucumber were simple accompaniments to this, a favorite, light meal.

Summer garden pasta_HGN

Wednesday: #Victorygarden harvest pasta

Number one of many this sublime pasta will grace our summer table. My basil is being shy, so I gave mint the limelight and it was fantastic!

Sour orange chicken paillard_HGN

Thursday: Grilled orange chicken paillard with fresh sage, chives and kalamata + garden squash medley

Disobeyed the Domestic Goddess, and used a plain navel orange instead of a sour one. (Not sure I’ve ever seen a sour orange at the store.) I don’t usually stock marmalade, and instead brushed the grilling chicken with a blend of the two juices and some chopped orange flesh. To achieve a similar result as the recipe without using marmalade, you could add a squidge of honey to the juices, or a spoon or two of date chutney would be interesting!

Served with a mixture of sauteed summer squash, zucchini and patty pan squash, this supper was delicious, super-quick, fresh, and allowed me to work out some frustrations of the day in pounding the chicken flat! (Some supermarket butchers will do this for you, if asked nicely, but why skip the fun?)

FridayModified Pizza Friday

Grilled balsamic red cabbage and shrimp tacos in homemade soured wheat tortillas + arugula salad with herbs and lemon vinaigrette + grilled whole pod snap peas. A marvelous change-up to typical tacos. Great taste and texture contrasts, though would like to try next time with radicchio instead of red cabbage for that extra bitter flavor.

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Cheers, Heather

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