Weekly Suppers: 20 – 24 July

This post is part of a series giving you a glimpse into what finds its way onto our plates Monday through Friday. I hope it not only provides recipe inspiration, but also motivation for you to integrate meal planning and more home-cooking into your own healthy lifestyles.

Weekly Suppers: 20 – 24 July

The theme for this week’s suppers was in-your-face flavor, which often came at the expense of presentation — case in point: Friday. BUT, I’d rather my food taste good than look good! Bon appetit!

MondayMeatless Monday

Cauliflower rice biryani with raisins, mint and bell peppers

Took only a few detours on this recipe, replacing cashews with cubes of tofu, and green bell peppers for green beans. Really quite tasty. Didn’t miss the rice; though, fluffy Basmati is hard to beat.

TuesdayBreakfast for Supper

Taking it back to the times we lived in Corpus Christi with fried sunny-side up eggs, nopalitos, loads of cilantro, and a healthy drenching of our favorite hot sauce. Homemade soured wheat tortillas warmed from the freezer on the side. There’s no wrong time for eggs, and — who knew — cactus makes for a delicious partnership!

WB risotto with veg and bacon_HGN

Wednesday: Risotto-style wheat berries with a saffron broth, veg aaaand bacon

An adaptation of this recipe using wheat berries, broccoli, peas, green olives in lieu of the bell pepper, and fresh oregano instead of thyme. I let bacon stand in for the feta, and warmed the garlic and saffron in leftover bacon drippings. A hit of orange zest and squeezed orange juice lifted everything at the end.

Sign me up for any recipe with saffron. The bacon added bonus complexity without overwhelming. I can see how salty feta would be excellent here as well.

Thursday: Creamy rosemary-infused grits with steamed tilapia

This was a great lazy meal. Prepared white corn grits with a sprig of rosemary and a smashed garlic clove in corn cob stock, allowing a simple salt- and pepper-seasoned tilapia fillet steam over top while it gently bubbled along. Sauteed mushrooms left from a lunch earlier in the week added to the grits to warm at the end. Fantastic, quick, satisfying.

Carrot, olive, mung bean socca_HGN

FridayModified Pizza Friday

The messiest ever socca with a base of homemade baby chickpea hummus, piled with crispy roasted eggplant rounds and carrot ribbons, caramelized onion, kalamata olives and sprouted mung beans. A generous dusting of sumac, followed by a drizzling of evoo and aged balsamic before serving. The ingredients and appearance may look haphazard (to say the least?), but the combination of flavors and aromas and textures was so, so, so good!

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Cheers, Heather

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