Weekly Suppers: 27 – 31 July

This post is part of a series giving you a glimpse into what finds its way onto our plates Monday through Friday. I hope it not only provides recipe inspiration, but also motivation for you to integrate meal planning and more home-cooking into your own healthy lifestyles.

Weekly Suppers: 27 – 31 July

Bon appetit!

MondayMeatless Monday

An almost exact Ottolenghi soba noodle bowl with tiny cubes of the sweetest, ripest local cantaloupe in place of the mango. Everything else the same, boosting the amount chillies, basil and cilantro.

Tofu gobi masala_HGN

Tuesday: Curried tofu with cauliflower, green bell pepper, onion and raisins

I typically use frozen cauliflower for aloo gobi masala, but for once found a head on the bargain rack in the produce department — score! The above turn was prepared from my memory (very similar to this from Show Me the Curry), without potatoes, green bell peppers instead of green peas, and a pop of sweet from a few raisins. Cilantro and raw onion to finish. I always love Indian night.

Wednesday: Zucchini and carrot ribbons lightly sauteed in evoo with leftover smoked turkey wing and thigh meat (thawed from our Thanksgiving freezer stash), and a lemon vinaigrette-dressed arugula and basil salad. Thrown together in a flourish; perfect after a long day.

Meatballs and sauce_HGN

Thursday: Meatballs layered up with pan-fried baby bellas and Jamie Oliver’s “quickest tomato sauce

Excellent flavors and textures; very satisfying with my go-to, trend-bucking meatball recipe. It’s grain-free and packed with fresh herbs, letting the full flavor of high quality beef shine through — the way meatballs were meant to be! The sauce does require some time upfront, but it is mostly hands-off and could easily be done in advance. Seriously, this sauce is such a no-brainer and so darn good, it would behoove you to prepare the full, or doubled, recipe. It freezes beautifully, and is wonderful with canned or fresh tomatoes.

FridayModified Pizza Friday

Socca with fresh figs, thick slices of caramelized (homegrown!) shallots and Manchego cheese, with a scattering of fresh baby arugula after it spent a quick minute under the broiler. Tart and tangy, sweet and smoky pomegranate molasses-cumin vinaigrette splashed over everything. GREAT.

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Cheers, Heather

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