Weekly Suppers: 3 – 7 August

This post is part of a series giving you a glimpse into what finds its way onto our plates Monday through Friday. I hope it not only provides recipe inspiration, but also motivation for you to integrate meal planning and more home-cooking into your own healthy lifestyles.

Weekly Suppers: 3 – 7 August — Bon appetit!         

MondayMeatless Monday

Kale “saagpaneer sans yogurt, instead topping with sauteed paneer (from the freezer stash) and mushrooms. Served over a bed of warm millet, with a shower of cilantro leaves and lemon zest. Always a winner.

*You can purchase paneer at Indian and Asian markets, often Mediterranean as well, and even some larger supermarkets; or make it yourself. So simple — promise!

Basque pepper stew shrimp_HGN

Tuesday: Basque pepper stew with shrimp

Similar to this recipe I used a mixture of green and red bell peppers, canned tomato, and the last of a recent batch of corn cob stockixnay on the lamb. Shrimp was my protein of choice here, and they took the plunge at the last moment, cooked with residual heat of the covered pot. Basil chiffonade over top. Quite good, but not as good as the other tomato-based veg and seafood stew tucked in my recipe box. Will need to make that one soon…

Wednesday: Bittman’s vegetable yogurt curry

Again minus the lamb; upping the amount of strained (homemade “Greek-style”) yogurt for the protein. True to the remaining ingredients with the addition of green bell pepper. Fantastically rich and aromatic, I soaked up every last bit with the fluffy millet it rested on.

Thursday: Thai pork salad

A pork for beef swap in this evening’s meal, using thawed frozen barbecue pork shoulder slices. I also omitted the peanuts, and used steamed kale instead of romaine. So many knock-out flavors with shallot, chillies, fish sauce, lime, garlic, ginger, lemongrass, and my own additions of mint and chives from the garden.

Tomato basil Manchego socca_HGN

FridayModified Pizza Friday

I call this my beginning to end “Caprese” socca: a few of the first leaves of basil + the last garden heirloom tomato atop the evoo-swiped base. Pecorino cheese, red hot chilli flakes, and aged Balsamic vinegar (not pictured) to finish. No real Caprese, but it sure hit the spot!

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Cheers, Heather

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