Happy Labor Day Weekend, Everyone!

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#Latergram of last month’s travels home — Dane County Farmer’s Market on the capitol square in Madison, WI.

I always connect September to the decline of summer and entrance into autumn. Though, for those of you not counting down the days like me, take heart — the season doesn’t officially end for another two and a half weeks or so… and the heat… in these parts it won’t relent until mid-October.

While we wait, it’s more grilling, salads and fresh seafood, and all things frozen. Last week was homemade spicy chai tea ice cream. This week, booze and ice cream once again joined forces, the retro mudslide cocktail becoming a super adult treat. I don’t want to say it, but I think there’s actually too much booze… ?? … Nah. It’s summer’s last hurrah!

May your long weekend and new month be wonderful, and thanks as always for popping by to catch up.

Cheers, Heather

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Some interesting, fun, delicious reads:

  • September is PCOS Awareness Month. Polycystic Ovary Syndrome is a hormone imbalance found in 1 out of every 10 women that can cause irregular or prolonged periods, acne, unexplained weight gain, excess hair growth, and infertility. Get the facts here.
  • Developed with funding from the National Cancer Institute, SunZapp draws on current weather info along with your skin type, hair and eye color, the SPF sunscreen and clothing you’re wearing to provide customized alerts reminding you to apply more sunscreen!
  • School is back in session. Here are Kiplinger’s 10 Ways to Save on Back to School Shopping.
  • Zero Point Zero’s second Food Crimes video “Mad About Saffron” is gorgeous and enlightening.
  • We often lament the fact that we’re not back home in the Midwest, but will regret the day when seafood plucked from the ocean minutes prior to sale is no longer an option. Grilled local clams, maybe a few oysters or mussels, too, are now on my bucket list before moving!
  • This week’s pinned words of wisdom.

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