“To pay attention – this is our endless and proper work.”

– Mary Oliver

Praying mantis_HGN

Long before I knew it existed, I was closely adhering to this quote.

The life for an introvert, and dreamer of quiet hikes, quiet homes, quiet living. It allows me to safely turn inward, but also be completely mindful of the little details all around me. For instance, the nearing of autumn has me greeting friends both old — the family of bobwhites (slow to breed this year apparently, with only mum and dad spending their evenings with us) — and new — a bird that is perhaps a non-breeding European starling and this pious, fragile mantis.

This simple balance and its little pleasures are all I need. What about you? Can you relate, or are you the opposite?

Don’t forget to check out the week’s link love before you go, or to pay attention to the details this week… happy observing!

Cheers, Heather

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