One can hardly fail to notice the bright clusters of goldenrod, brilliant pops of sumac along the roadsides, and vast expanses of deciduous trees changing rapidly from green to various shades of amber, ocher and deep brick red.

If you’re lucky enough to live in or visit New England, the Midwest, and parts out west, that is.

Here autumn isn’t all that different from summer, other than a muted color scheme and the swift ebbing of daylight hours. Perfect chevrons of geese fly low overhead, honking morning greetings, but pointed north, not south! It’s for the birds.

Autumn festival

What do the good southern folks do in response? Force the seasons. That means autumn festivals with pumpkins and gourds and Indian corn and hay bales. The hot spiced cider makes us sweat, and the colored leaves are decorations, but it’s what we do. A soul-satisfying coping mechanisms.

Visit my favorite links from the past week, pop back to check out my latest recipe for raw fig-chia jam, and have yourself an appropriately autumn-y weekend! (Real, or manufactured.)

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