The inability of our weather to illustrate the seasons is a continuous source of confusion and exasperation for this Wisconsin native. Unlike our neighbors who moved to the North Carolina coast to enjoy sunshine and warmth, we have fingers and toes crossed for a few festive flurries for the holidays. (Well, I do, at least.)

It’s hard to believe that winter is almost upon us!

Thanksgiving fields 2015_HGN

I think Thanksgiving turned out pretty well this year. Pan-fried purple yam with roasted garlic gremolata, balsamic-glazed cipollini onions, roasted Brussels sprouts and asparagus with pomegranate arils and orange vinaigrette, and tall glasses of dry Cava. For many the sides steal the show, and while ours were wonderful, they were outdone by my husband’s tender-as-could-be smoked cocoa chilli mole turkey breast + mole-cider sauce. We hardly even missed our traditional caveman legs it was so good. Oh, and I can’t forget that smashing, surprising cranberry crackle tart. A success, I’d say! How did yours go?

This weekend some experimentation with leftovers. I’m thinking turkey tostadas… maybe on spent grain tortillas?

Cheers, Heather

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