What do you think about an abstract photo for Christmas cards?

Abstract portraits_HGN

I toyed with the idea, but ultimately decided against it. The grandmothers may not appreciate the van Gogh-eque portrayal of our likenesses. (Us exploring the Cameron Art Museum’s “Response is the Medium” exhibit.)

This weekend we’re decking our halls and prepping gifts to send home. The weather is gorgeous, so hopefully a walk or two to soak up some sunshine. How about yourself? Hope you have a lovely couple of days, and don’t forget the links + updates below!

Cheers, Heather

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Some interesting, fun, delicious reads:

  • Did you know that nearly 30 people in the US die every day in motor vehicle crashes that involve a substance-impaired driver? December is National Drunk and Drugged Driving Prevention Month, a time to raise awareness about the consequences of driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs. This holiday season, please plan safe parties with non-alcoholic options, never serve those under 21, and always, always designate a sober driver.
  • Earn extra cash for the holidays through an online community of freelancers called Fiverr. (Anyone familiar?)
  • Tips to help even the busiest of folks cram in extra exercise.
  • Count birds for science this winter!
  • Also, darkening Raleigh’s skies to protect those migrating birds.
  • How exactly does a lady unhear a double entendre?
  • A gift for that friend or relative most anal about penmanship.
  • This week’s pinned words of wisdom.

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