Forgive my record rut, but Ireland, can we come back?

Glengarriff sheep-bow

We’re reliving amazing moments as I edit photos and test recipes based on meals we enjoyed during our travels. Like our four-rainbow day hiking in Killarney National Park with a drive home along the sheep-spotted Beara Way, and this quickly thrown together antipasti plate after another morning of hiking. The most perfectly ripe persimmon, hothouse cherry tomatoes, Cooleeney Farms Gortnamona goat cheese, plus two types of salmon from Burren Smokehouse: Irish cold-smoked and Swedish hot-smoked with mustard seeds, chilli flakes and local dried herbs.

Irish-ish antipasti

(Not pictured, glasses of White Hag Beann Gulban Irish Heather Sour Ale + homemade brown bread from Casey’s of Baltimore.)

Currently rivers of rainwater flow through our yard, the raised garden is now a water bed, and the poor potted seedlings are certainly lost and gone. Stray glints of sunshine are peeking through the mottled sky this morning, giving us hope for a drier week ahead. Now the question of whether to run with Chinese New Year, tailgate, or a food theme mash-up for Sunday’s big game. Maybe a reprise of our Irish antipasti?

What are your plans? Will you watch the game? (Or just the commercials?) Here’s hoping the weekend is relaxing however you choose to spend it, and don’t forget to check out my latest round-up of links!

Cheers, Heather

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