A brightly colored light lunch to offset the Superbowl-Fat Tuesday-Chinese New Year triple threat. Mixed baby greens, carrot ribbons and a handful of cilantro tossed in a miso-sesame oil vinaigrette topped with chana dal, orange segments, homemade red sauerkraut and black sesame seeds.

And now comes St. Valentine’s Day.

Veg ribbon salad

Because I adore any and all reasons to celebrate and show my affections to loved ones, I rounded up a few edible + make-able ideas: breakfast (1) (2) (3); snacks (1) (2); arts and crafts (1) (2). If it’s dessert you desire, this dark, decadent and dreamy flourless chocolate stout torte perfect for the lovers out there.

Sending all of you sweet wishes this weekend!

Cheers, Heather

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