These delicate white blossoms mean that the first wild blackberries are a month-ish away. Happy, happy!

Wild blackberry flowers

Looks like yet again our outdoor plans will be washed out, though there’s a little hope for tomorrow. Fortunately a couple free hours popped up for me during the week to get the garden’s first seeds in. A survey of the rest of the yard found everything coming along, even slightly ahead of schedule. Sssybil returned to stake her claim of the planter, and can you believe we’ve already mowed the lawn three times? It’s summer!

What are your goals this Saturday and Sunday? Have the farmer’s markets started up in your area? Wish we could get back home to WI for the triumphant return of the Dane Co. FM in two weekends! Maybe in a few years…

Thanks to everyone who helped me celebrate National Nutrition Month® here and on FB + Twitter. Always something I look forward to. Well, enjoy the weekend, and don’t forget the links and updates below!

Cheers, Heather

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  1. Deb Hansen says:

    Beautiful flowers and blossoms! Our snowdrops are actually drops of snow right now…..I liked the site comparing the US to all the other countries- very interesting and informative. Funny how there’s no one food that goes with every herb and vice versa, but not all foods are created equal. Fish comes pretty close, though. Great blog, as usual. I always look forward to them. Thank you!

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