For someone who hates to waste food, thinning garden crops is a difficult task. Mentally. But as it would turn out, the tiny seedlings that must be removed, to promote further growth of those that remain, are wholly edible. These carrot greens became pesto, and earned a spot on my list of eagerly anticipated spring produce.

Blueberries abound from our bush, which led to a uniquely delicious custard ice cream made with our honey cream ale homebrew. The wild blackberries are fewer this year, but continue to ripen intermittently. The chives, as always, are thriving, as is practically everything else in the garden. It’s rained a ton, so the excess water and lack of sun isn’t helping new plantings… time will tell.

Tiny carrots + bluebs + chives

Today we’re cooking the remaining two pieces of a giant brisket (the third piece smoked Texas-style a couple weekends ago), and will enjoy side-by-side samples of homemade corned beef and smoked pastrami this evening.

How is your weekend thus far? Interesting eats or drinks? Great weather to play outside? Hopefully all of the above!

Cheers, Heather

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  1. Deb Hansen says:

    Sounds like your garden is coming along! I may do my flower pot planting today- so nice out, highs in the 70s!!!!! Sorry you’ve had so much rain. Maybe you can learn how to do sheep-shearing; it’ll come in handy when you get your first tiny herd! Loved the photos of the starry nights. And the beautiful photo of your garden produce.

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