It’s a game of catch-up with the garden after being out of town. Nature does not wait.

The seedling transplants are thriving in their new homes; mixed bulb onions and carrots get taller just looking at them; more herbs and greens than we know what to do with; seeds of okra and squash sprouted in the garden; beet seeds in a pot are about ready to enjoy (fourth year’s the charm); and the berry plants are winding down, while the fig tree has baby green figlets I’m dying to eat once ripe.

Do you remember the Weekly Suppers posts? It’s been a while. The series petered out once our schedules picked up and, more importantly, allowed infinitely more family time. Better that togetherness than extra time on the computer writing another post, right? I hope you can understand. Still, I feel awful, and will try to include a snap and thoughts on at least one meal from the prior week in my Weekend Post. Starting today!

Tartine + salad + rose

The abundant herbs and greens are timely for light, salad-y meals most welcome on hot, humid evenings. This is oven-roasted tomato halves with garlic and oregano atop fresh-picked arugula and slices of vidalia simply dressed with evoo, salt and pepper + tartines of my WW-ish ciabatta bread grilled and rubbed with a garlic clove before topping with thiiiiiin slices of bresaola and grilled artichoke hearts. Chilled glasses of rosé wine were the singular perfect accompaniment.

How was your week? Big plans for the weekend? Keep reading for some of my favorite links from around the interwebs, and go be one with nature (see link #1)!

Cheers, Heather

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Some interesting, fun, delicious reads:

  • Today is National Get Outdoors Day. Pack some portable healthy snacks, water and sunscreen, and go exploring! Visit Discover the Forest to find a place to hike near you.
  • Omaha Beach in Normandy on D-Day vs. today.
  • A surprising number of common idioms grew up on the farm.
  • Chills from a 13-year-old with serious pipes.
  • Who Googles “a while or awhile” for a blog post? Me. I am that anal about grammar — please correct me if ever you see something amiss!
  • This week’s pinned words of wisdom.

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  1. Deb Hansen says:

    The blueberries look delicious. I’m sure there’s some exciting recipe waiting for them! Enjoyed the common idioms- I guess “closing the barn door after the horse escapes” comes from farm life, too. I heard the young girl sing- I can’t imagine having such a talent at that age (or, knowing my inability to carry a tune, at any age). The D-Day photos are such a contrast. Who would ever think so much pain, heartache and death could occur on such a beautiful piece of land. Great post!

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