All is quiet here this weekend. Somehow fitting as we wade through a hazy hot spell. The humid air hangs like the thirsty leaves of my garden plants. Even the industrious dragonflies and bumblebees are taking long breaks, no place better to go and no desire to go there without a breeze to help them along.

Aside from a gully washer that wreaked havoc in the raised bed mid last week, precipitation is a foreign concept. Crisp is how I would describe the state of our vegetation. Though, as things go in these parts, it’s guaranteed that Mother Nature will soon counter with more rain than we can handle. It’s a maddening summer cycle I’ll never be able to fully stomach. At least my garden has a rain barrel savior. For now.

Moroccan mahi tacos + beet carrot salad

This Weekly Suppers note is brought to you by Taco Tuesday with all the fixin’s: Moroccan spiced mahi-mahi grilled along with thick slices of Vidalia onion. Carrot and homegrown beet spiralized and tossed with lemon, chillies and fresh mint. Garlicky, minty yogurt, cilantro and fresh arugula to line the bottoms of homemade corn tortillas. Cerveza to round it all out, naturally. (Pay no mind to the tall layer of head — trouble with the CO2 line.)

Anyone else Taco Tuesday? Taco Thursday? Friday Night Pizza? Sangria Saturday? Is that a thing? It should be. What are your plans for the weekend? Much of the country looks poised to weather a couple of hot ones, so take care of yourselves (and your gardens) with plenty of water, plus loads of sunscreen or a hat, if you’re headed outdoors! Don’t forget the links and updates from around the interwebs before you go…

Cheers, Heather

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  1. Deb Hansen says:

    Going to volunteering on Sunday- planting milkweed plants for the monarch butterflies. Wish we’d get one of your gully washers- the grass here is crunchy and painful to walk on. Homemade sub sandwiches for our Saturday lunch-something cool! And I will take view B, thank you! Your tacos look delicious- I’d just need to substitute beef, chicken, pork or turkey since I am not a lover of seafood. Great ideas!

    • Heather Goesch, MPH, RDN, LDN says:

      A stellar weekend you have planned! The monarchs will be grateful, as then will we, the flowers, the agriculture crops… Thanks for your thoughtfulness. As much as I love elephants, I think the rest of a safari, while an awesome experience, would also be terrifying, so B for me as well! And you know, the mahi literally tasted like grilled hunks of pork loin — you may like it after all :)

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