The arrival of August brought wetter weather, and though it didn’t seem possible, higher humidity. I’m delighted that Mother Nature has my back on watering, but with the daily downpours or thunderstorms she reminds me this isn’t summer in Wisconsin — this is coastal North Carolina and it’s hurricane season with three full months to go.

It’s during those first, historically drier, months that you can easily become complacent to the fact that living on the ocean can come at a cost. Just this morning I read that the most Atlantic hurricanes on record occurred in September (395) and August (239). Now that I’ve unnecessarily worked myself up… moving on.

Baingan bharta shrimp noodles

This Weekly Suppers meal: a shrimp-y spin on Baingan bhartaMy favorite mashed (bharta) Indian eggplant (Baingan). This highly aromatic dish is typically cooked with tomatoes, peas, plus a generous spoon of yogurt at the end, all served over Basmati. Here it’s okra from the garden in lieu of the other veg, hot curry + garam masala spiced shrimp as the protein in place of the yogurt, and a cross-cultural swap of rice noodles for the rice. It was unwittingly fiery, thanks to my husband’s heavy hand with the curry, but in a good, “my temples are sweating” kind of way.

How will you make the most of this first weekend in August? I’m happy to be home after a bit of work travel, and wish for a few dry moments to rein in the gardens following my absence. If it’s to be more storms, ensuring the car and home hurricane kits are up to date seems an appropriately gloomy indoor task. A (large) glass of homebrew or wine should help.

On a cheerier note, I very much hope your weekend is quite nice, and that you enjoy some of my favorite finds from around the web!

Cheers, Heather

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  1. Deb Hansen says:

    I must say, loved the Chinese National Orchestra’s version of “Roar”!!! Most instruments were not known to me, which made it even more interesting. Wish we’d get some of your rain. I’ve given up believing our local meteorologists predictions. I liked the carrot (mine is bigger than yours) picture. How true it is. Hopefully no hurricanes come your way!

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