Happy Sunday, and welcome to a new week.

Thank Heavens.

Do you ever feel like you’re living outside of your own body? I don’t really know how to elaborate other than distractedly going through the motions, recognizing, however half-heartedly, that the days are passing but not registering the individual moments. I’m not making any sense; or am I making perfect sense?

Either way, a bit too metaphysical for the day of rest. So, food!

Cast iron cod

Recent Weekly Suppers included an entirely skewered meal of chicken breast, sweet potato, red onion, bell pepper and okra; eggplant, feta and basil lasagna stacks; the obligatory Friday night pizza (a kind of deconstructed caponata with chèvre); and our latest whack at paella. There was also homebrew ice cream, and this brilliantly simple cast iron cod. Nothing fancy, just lovely and delicate fillets served atop buttery sauteed mushrooms with fresh oregano and a nice green salad. This new technique is a real keeper.

What are you up to this Saturday and Sunday? It’s still hotter than a boiled peanut on our stretch of the coast, but it seems the rest of the country is cooling down in accordance with the ending of summer. Hopefully you made the most of it–picking apples, watching football, less sweaty yardwork–and maybe have some changing leaves to cheer you along!

Here’s to a perfectly memorable week ahead, with a few fun links from around the web below to get you started.

Cheers, Heather

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  1. Deb Hansen says:

    Did the apple picking! Cortlands were not as huge as in years past, which is fine- sometimes they’re just too big. On the way to Malone, WI to pick the apples, we could see that the foliage was starting to color. Such an exciting time of year! Almost hearty soup time, too. Hope your existential out of body experiences go away soon! Excellent post, as usual, Heather! They’re always a joy to read.

    • Heather Goesch, MPH, RDN, LDN says:

      The time for apples and leaves changing color and pumpkins and soup — it’s here! There are no orchards in our area, so hopefully some day in the future we can tag along on a Cortland-picking excursion. In the meantime, a trip to the big farmers market in Raleigh should provide a selection of apples grown in the western part of NC. Fingers crossed on that, and thanks for your kind words! XO

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