Hurricane Matthew continues the slow twirl northward, leaving destruction in its wake. My parents flew safely home in advance of the brunt of the storm, which has weakened in the past day from a Cat 4 to 1 (humor is invaluable in these situations). Even so, wind gusts could top 100 mph and expected rainfall is upwards of ten inches.

Luckily our neighborhood shouldn’t directly experience the devastating storm surge — despite an elevation of five feet + relatively close proximity to water — thanks to the ICW and a barrier island, and only in times like these do I thank the Heavens that our “soil” is roughly two-thirds rapidly-draining sand and rock.

Hurricane Matthew Eve 2016

Treacherous storms are apparently something we can bank on with more regularity and strength in the future according to one meteorologist’s opinion. A grim prospect to say the least, but also a good reminder to never let minimal damage, or the absence of storms altogether during a “season,” lead to complacency. Believe me, it’s easy to do.

Annnyway, though the visit was cut short, we were delighted our guests made the journey to stay with us on the eve of a hurricane. Thank you for your company, the treats from home, and three full days worth of brilliant foods, drinks + new memories. Sorry we had to #fridaynightpizza without you (honored your wishes, though, and they were right on), and hope the weather annoyances don’t keep you away for another year!

Before you pop down to my links + updates, we offer our thoughts and prayers to all in Matthew’s path. In Haiti, still recovering from the devastating earthquake six years ago, the death toll continues to rise — here are some tips if you want to help the victims and their country recover. Be well, and be safe!

Cheers, Heather

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    • Heather Goesch, MPH, RDN, LDN says:

      Your thoughts and prayers were most appreciated, and helped us + kitties make it through with little to no scratches. Lots of water, but it quickly receded thanks to our well-draining “soil”, and the wind and clouds moved on to bring bright blue skies, sun, and (gasp) cooler temps now! Thank you for thinking of us!

    • Heather Goesch, MPH, RDN, LDN says:

      So thankful you and Dad were able to make the journey, and that the stars aligned to get you both safely home before the storm. Matthew was a wet and windy nuisance, but we were fortunate to escape his visit with only a couple window leaks. Next year, I propose we plan to host in a month outside of hurricane season!

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