Sobering stats out of the Old North State this week as the Hurricane Matthew mayhem continues: + 13,728 — the number of power outages in NC and SC still without power as of this morning; + 12 — feet of water covering some of the historic towns in northeastern NC (above roof lines in some instances); + 34 — counties in NC declared federal disaster areas (over 1/3); + 174 — approximate number of water rescues made by helicopter; + 22 — the latest death toll in NC alone.

The Food Bank of Central & Eastern North Carolina, serving 16 of the disaster-declared counties, is providing 5 meals to those impacted by the storm for every $1 donated to the Hurricane Matthew Relief Fund. If monetary giving isn’t an option, please consider sharing some of the most needed items at a FBCENC branch location, or many other churches, banks, pantries, and supermarkets around the central and eastern parts of the state.

Our particular area of the eastern coast was, once again, very fortunate. In some regions the flood levels are still rising, expected to crest by the day’s end. Though the waters are receding and routines are beginning to return to normal, our hearts and prayers go out to those struggling in the storm’s wake.

Fattoush salad

I can’t think of an appropriate segue, so let’s return to the regular Weekly Suppers flashback + links and updates. A riff on this fattoush salad: crispy, crepe-style socca complimented mixed greens, buttery avocado, tangy feta and sweet ripe NC-grown tomato slices all drizzled with a mustardy lemon-shallot-mint vinaigrette. To drink, an excellent French white my parents gifted us to celebrate our fifth anniversary earlier in the week, and to cap the evening, the last two slices of our flourless dark chocolate (wedding) cake. It’s tradition!

Here’s to healthy, happy, and safe week ahead — be well, Friends.

Cheers, Heather

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  1. Deb Hansen says:

    Great post, as usual. I was very surprised that the inland part of NC was the hardest hit; I would’ve thought that the coastal areas would be the worst. And it’s very bad, too. I’m glad you escaped the flooding and the heavy wind damage! The KLM video was pretty cute! Aren’t you glad you got to garden in your grandmother’s garden? I’ll always remember the flourless chocolate cake, baked in large numbers, for your wedding. It was such fun to be able to contribute something delicious!

    • Heather Goesch, MPH, RDN, LDN says:

      Such a nice memory about our wedding! We were eternally grateful to our family and friends who stepped up to the challenge of baking cakes, cooking the risotto (live!), serving as bartenders, waiters and bussers… everything! Shows just how wonderful each and every one of you are. Cheers to that (and to you)!

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