There is plenty of support offered freely and unselfishly to people after damaging storms, but I wonder — who, if anyone, helps the animals affected? Is it left to nature to sort out, or are there wildlife aid groups who step in?

The questions struck me now having watched our unlucky osprey family’s nest completely destroyed twice in less than a year. It breaks my heart, and I wish there was some way to literally give them a hand. Or a snack of fish (or this?) to give them energy for another rebuild. At least, I hope they choose to rebuild!

Peach Tomato Thyme Pizza

A #thursdaynightpizza for the Weekly Suppers flashback this week. A gorgeous NC-grown tomato from the farmers market paired perfectly with a sweet SC peach, thyme picked from the patio pot, and shards of salty Manchego on a base of smushed roasted garlic and olive oil. Some of the final true summery flavors + the last two glasses of our anniversary white made up for the fact that work interfered with our Friday night traditions.

Any fun fall festivities planned this Saturday and Sunday? One of the downtown taprooms is sampling some rare beers this afternoon. We might swing by, but definitely need to get a pumpkin for the stoop + a pie pumpkin for a batch of spicy punkin coconut (ice) cream. It may not feel it otherwise, but I will make it look and taste like Halloween is in nine days.

Hope your weekend is crisp, clear and colorful, but first, check out the links + updates below!

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    • Heather Goesch, MPH, RDN, LDN says:

      Nest owners insurance — yes! Beyond that, there are so many benefits and safety nets that humans enjoy I’d love to see somehow conferred to animals. I’m sure that sounds insane… If only we all weren’t so spread out, I’d also love to do a cooking group, especially for some of the milspouses. Stick a pin in that one for the future. Thanks for the sweet comment!

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