My sister and her boyfriend are here! Thankfully the temperatures are a bit cooler and more autumnal, but still warmer than back home in Wisconsin. Best of all — no lumbering hurricane to bully our guests out of town.

Although the distance between us the majority of the year makes me sad, we have four full days together now, and our intentions are make the very most of it. Number one on the list for most of our visitors: see the ocean. It’s not something we make habit of otherwise, but are much more agreeable to this time of year.

Fort Fisher Recreation Area

After summer resignations that the throngs of tourists and their ocean-/seafood-or-bust-induced traffic jams would never ease, the beaches are quiet. Venture out early enough and you can actually hike along the expanses of wavy sand without another soul in sight. That is a successful trip to the beach, and this was no exception.

R+N Pizzas

Sharing meals is always a highlight, and naturally #fridaynightpizza was in the line-up — guests’ choice. Two cracker-thin crusts with 1) fajita peppers, onions and garlic with oregano-basil pesto + 2) a garlic-oil base for shaved delicata squash, red onion and Manchego cheese with fresh spinach, arugula and aged balsamic to finish. Glasses of Malbec and Pinot Grigio to toast our pizza triumphs.

Today we’ll take in sights downtown along the riverfront, then sample the offerings at a sour beer festival. Badgers football and pork shwarma on homemade pitas tonight, and Packers with stuffed peppers and other game day treats tomorrow to round out their visit. Too short, but we love every minute of our family immersion!

What are you up to this weekend? Enjoy the first of November, and don’t forget to click through the links below.

Cheers, Heather

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