On my solitary ramble through the meandering rural countryside just west of us this past week, the dank of smell fallen leaves and fresh-cut fields of deer corn were replaced by visibly thick, pervasive wood smoke. It was as if every home in the vicinity had raked up great piles of brush and set them alight simultaneously. I know this isn’t the case, however, and felt rather bad about myself for enjoying that delicious campfire smell.

It’s not terribly apparent in this snap, but a shift in winds on Friday brought a substantial haze all the way over to even our stretch of coastline. This morning, clear blue skies prevailed, and I hope the same can be said about the fire-ravaged areas very soon. For being “the sleepy South,” there’s certainly no shortage of (climatological) excitement this year. Yeesh.

Forest fire haze 11-2016
On a brighter note, we have a string of wintertime holidays to look forward to. After travelling, I’m glad for a few slower-paced days with my husband and the kitties to recharge before kicking into full pre-Thanksgiving plan-clean-cook mode. What are your upcoming plans? Hosting a big group? Hitting the roads or skies? Keeping it low-key instead? It’s only us again this year, but I’m as excited as ever for our traditions.

Enjoy the feasting, if you celebrate, and keep reading for my latest favorite links + updates!

Cheers, Heather

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  • Around the globe an estimated 15 million babies are born premature each year, and more than one million of these preemies do not survive. Prematurity Awareness Month helps educate and spread the word about prematurity and the concerns of preterm birth for babies and their families. Please show your support by volunteering, participating in a walk, donating, or simply sharing what you learn.
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