Dusk is falling faster and faster. High overhead one minute, the next thing you know the sun lunges toward the horizon line, the sky swiftly fading to black. (Save a few bright exceptions.)

Shorter days elicit groans this time of year, but for me, evening meals enjoyed by the soft, flickering glow of candlelight is ambience done right. To borrow from the Danes, it gets me feeling hygge — content, special, warm, loved. Words that also nicely sum up our Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving 2016

How was your Thanksgiving? Are you, or have you already kicked off, holiday shopping this weekend? Between all of the food-drink-family-football-cart derby, this can be a seriously stressful, trying time. So here’s to a restful couple of days before the new week ahead, and remember to take care of yourself, even consider “unplugging” for a bit. But before you do, spend a quick moment peeping my updates + link favorites below.

Cheers, Heather

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  1. Deborah Hansen says:

    A beautiful table setting and delicious food ( I know that for sure)! I loved the fly-through of the space station!!!! How I wish I had been the person behind the camera! It’s incredible how complex the station is and how smart and talented these astronauts have to be in order to survive up there. Lucky people!! As for books, the more the better. I would say I have the maximalist approach to bookshelf space. What a great post, Heather!

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