I’m of the belief that always is the best time for sweet thoughts + actions, but of course we have Valentine’s Day to set the wheels — in varying shades of pink and red — into motion. So how about it? Are you planning something special?

Sifting through old photos + recipes led me back to these beautiful red beet gnocchi, based off of this tutorial from Mario Batali in The New York Times. We served ours with wilted spinach in garlic browned butter + crispy sage leaves and toasty pine nuts on top. Wouldn’t it be a marvelous meal for the holiday next week? From scratch that night is great, but you could definitely make the gnocchi a day or two ahead if your evenings are a blur.

Don’t forget to show your own heart some love with my new gingerbread bites shared for American Heart Month. Find the recipe among the links + updates below, and enjoy the coming -filled days!

XOXO, Heather

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