Experimented in the kitchen earlier this week with a recipe-in-progress for aquafaba meringues, piping out pink hearts for Valentine’s Day. Then came the little guys below: dipped in dark chocolate with macadamia nuts + roasted almond butter sandwiches. Sweet (but sadly all gone)!

We have three days off for Presidents Day — finally some time to spend together. I’ll be baking a new dessert of course, plus a batch of multigrain English muffins. A tray-full of lemon poppyseed bites might also be in order for an immune boost that stops the beginnings of a sore throat in its tracks. (On that topic, check out my advice in a new Oldways article… maybe sauerkraut this weekend, too?)

What’s on your agenda? Wishing you happiness and good health, and don’t forget to check out my favorite links from here and there before you go!

Cheers, Heather

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