It’s been over a year since we were traipsing around and fawning over everything + everyone in Ireland, and won’t lie, I wish we could have stayed. And this spotted in the brightly colored coastal town of Skibbereen (where we bought our fresh mussels)? So great! I mean, when an ad the size of a two-story building suggests it’s Guinness time, who’s to argue?

If you, like us, are celebrating St. Patrick’s culinarily over the weekend instead of last night, here is some HGN recipe inspiration: Multi-grain soda bread for breakfast or lunch. Then beer-steamed mussels with cabbage, leeks and smoky bacon for supper. And dark chocolate flourless stout torte for dessert!

I didn’t have time between our quick prep and the devouring of every last bit to snap a photo for the Weekly Suppers, but we highly recommend this recipe for Cuban grilled chicken breasts with adobo sauce and lime-pickled onions from Food52. Thoughts for next time: definitely marinate overnight for added flavor + serve with more sauce. Still, very good.

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Sláinte, Heather

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