Garden season has arrived! I love the smell of dirt in the morning…

Actually, I’m very late by planting standards of the southeastern NC coast. A small break in the torrent of travels and rains meant a chance to start my seeds. 

Nothing fancy here, which I kind of want to draw more attention to. Many of the folks I talk to about gardening at home, whether it’s friends, family, clients or strangers (yep, that’s me), think a home garden, let alone beginning at the seed level, is impossibly difficult or otherwise too time consuming. Not true!

Throughout early spring, I save our cardboard egg cartons for these DIY (FREE) seed starters. Fill the cups about 3/4 full with seed-starting soil mix, mist or sprinkle with water to dampen lightly, poke one or two seeds into the center of each, scatter over a bit more of the soil to cover the seeds, then another light sprinkling of water. Place in a sunny, sheltered space indoors (away from children and pets) or in a garage (as seen above atop a rough stacking of scrap wood) or shed, and spritz with water once daily. Watch the sprouts sprout! (Grab a full, very helpful PBS tutorial here.)

While those were painfully comma-laden run-on sentences, I maintain seed-starting is simple. It’s also fun and cheap. A terrific project to share with your littles, but equally as satisfying to do by yourself, as I do annually.

And, of course, tomorrow is Mother’s Day. We won’t see ours, but send so much love + a virtual gardenia bouquet from our new plants. If only you could smell these blossoms!

Wishes to ALL of the mothers (even my fellow cat mums) for a relaxing + delicious weekend — we truly appreciate everything you do. Now go start some seeds, pick some strawberries for a kiilllllller pizza, or blend up the batter for a Sunday morning lemon and berry-studded Dutch baby!

Cheers, Heather

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