It’s been a steamy couple of days. The longest and hottest of the growing season are yet to come, but I wake up giddy knowing there is soil to turn and a garden to nurture. Even though it’ll be a miracle if anything thrives let alone germinates after last season’s devastation, I’m holding on to tiny glimmers of hope.

This Weekly Suppers flashback is to a light, quick, healthy, yet satisfying and filling meal perfect for these prematurely hot evenings. Beef patties spiked with fiery harissa paste and earthy cumin atop mixed greens tossed in a lemony-cumin vinaigrette. Fresh mint, cucumber slices, ice-bath red onions + a cool mint and garlic yogurt sauce. Glasses of chilled rosé to accompany. Definitely a meal to back-pocket for real summer.

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Cheers, Heather

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  • Today is Armed Forces Day, a holiday created in 1949 to honor current and former members of the Army, Navy, Marines, and Air Force. Learn the history behind the patriotic celebration, and take time to thank the service men and women you know for their loyalty and devotion.
  • “Something magical happens… [i]n spite of the stank.” AMEN.
  • Please, please, please let us find some rhubarb soon!
  • A look at the chemistry behind those fizzy Coke and Mentos fountains.
  • Scientific proof that cats don’t hate humans.
  • Oh, to not have to manicure a lawn.
  • This week’s pinned words of wisdom.

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  1. Deborah Hansen says:

    Maybe you can do the science behind sink volcanoes, one of my favorite kitchen sink cleaners! Delicious looking salad, but I’ll pass on the stinky cheese, thank you! Hope all your garden plants come up and flourish! Still waiting for Memorial Day to plant my flower boxes and my tomato plant. Cannot wait! It’s cold and pouring rain, today, so no planting.

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