Another soggy, busy week. We always try to take advantage of any free bits in the mornings and evenings to soak up some sun, but often it’s just not an option to really spend an appreciable amount outdoors until the weekend. Same for you?

Yesterday, during a brief break in the rains mid-afternoon, I surveyed the yard and gardens. Corn plants are still coming up, fig and pear trees already have tiny fruits, and our newly planted gardenias + the transplanted hostas are thriving. The foxglove looks healthy, but a few of its stalks and this monster gladiolus stem were casualties of the overnight storm. Naturally I brought them inside to brighten our room!

In other garden news, only two of the 100 seeds tucked into my garage starters and only half of those in my patio planters took root and germinated. Disappointing to confirm failure, but also to waste all of those starters — containers, soil, and seeds, some of which were irreplaceable heirlooms. Feeling that grumbly knotting in the pit of my stomach after that. Where there are ups, there are also downs.

What are your plans for the Memorial Day weekend? Ours is an extended one, and I’m clearly due back at the store to replenish supplies and re-try my veg and herb plants. Better late than never? I hope… Storms are in the forecast here, so not sure what else we’ll get to do. Hope your weather is more favorable for a lovely holiday! Before you go, don’t forget to scroll down to the week’s links + updates.

One last note: Sending only the best of wishes to my sister who’s celebrating her birthday today! Miss + love you lots, Rach — wish I could share the day (+ these flowers) with you! xo

Cheers, Heather

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  1. Deborah Hansen says:

    Now don’t eat your foxglove or let your cats eat it- it’s highly toxic! Sorry to hear about your plantings- I’m hoping the carrot seed sprouted, though! Did not ride today, back is too sore, but we did take the horses across the road to romp, buck, kick and race around the neighbor’s pasture. And then they ate as much of it as they could, so fun times for them! Hope the weather gets better and you can enjoy being outside! And stay away from disasters!

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