Hello, Friends! What are your plans this weekend? Looks like the country will sweat it out in unity, some of us luckily saved by rain. But if it thunderstorms, consider forgoing that shower until the skies are clear. EEEEEK!

This Weekly Suppers flashback is brought to you by calcium + ricotta: light, pillowy gnudi. What are gnudi, you ask? Essentially ‘naked’ ravioli — the filling without the pasta. Often bathed in brown butter, I served ours in a springy asparagus, pea and basil-infused stock. The only other change to the original recipe was rolling the uncooked gnudi in besan (chickpea) flour instead of semolina, to try something different + offer a tiny bit more protein. A plated simple green salad + glasses of full-bodied Chardonnay on the side. Cheers to Tuscany for this one!

Happy early Father’s Day to all the amazingly awesome dads, especially ours. Have fun + be safe, and before you get to it, a few links from around the interwebs.

Cheers, Heather

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