This Weekly Suppers trackback is a light lunch that came together in minutes — composed salads of cucumber ribbons, edamame and chopped pistachios atop a roughly 1/2-inch-thick slice of super sweet locally-grown cantaloupe, simply dressed with a squeeze of lime, homemade mint oil + fresh mint and the first leaves of our baby spinach.

Sometimes combining what fresh ingredients you have (+ what matches!) makes for the pleasantest of mealtime surprises.

What do you have planned for Saturday and Sunday? We’re settling into our cabin rental in the mountains, crossing our fingers the rain lets up. And though my phone is usually a main artery to friends, family, work and the world, I am very much looking forward to limited access. (Other than for capturing memories, of course…)

Here’s to a weekend that’s beyond relaxing, and don’t miss my updates + favorite links below!

Cheers, Heather

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