I thought I had our osprey couple figured out. Just before we set off for the mountains, they were casually gathering large branches and placing them atop a different tree only a few wing-flaps away (fortunately still in perfect, if not better view, from the patio), always returning to their own tree. Upon our return, this nonchalant hobby collection had morphed into a fully outfitted osprey nest. The pair was officially moved in, leaving the other vacant and not looking back.

With my amateur knowledge of bird habits, and some help from experts online, I stated matter-of-factly to my husband that our couple’s digs must be a “frustration nest.” Usually the result of loss to a storm, a frustration nest may also come after loss of a single laid egg or a sole fledgling. I never spied evidence of such, but it seems to fit here, and I caught the pair in “action” yesterday morning. Though it’s highly unlikely the couple can successfully breed (again?) this late in the season, my hope is that what I intruded on takes.

[New osprey nest + the happy couple, through the looking glass, 7-14-17]

But the intrigue doesn’t end there.

To complicate things further, yesterday evening the ospreys shared a fish snack in their original nest. Then, after a minute or two of flying back and forth hurriedly from both, the pair finally settled into the current just as three different ospreys flew onto the scene. The smaller of three appeared to be literally attempting to rob them of their nest, eliciting a constant chorus of alarms and scolds. Quite the stir!

All is quiet this morning, and these dewy webs have my attention for the moment. But once the sun is fully up, should you need me, I’ll be the one with the binoculars glued to my eyes… wearing a big floppy hat, gulping ice water because it’s sweeelllllllllltering. Maybe that’s it — their restlessness is a result of us apparently now living on the surface of the sun?! Though I run the risk of becoming too anthropomorphic with my conclusions, I just can’t help asking more and more questions about bird habits. Namely: What is happening here?! (Yes, this is my real life.)

Stay tuned for new recipes, including the promised tomatillo favorite, and for now, scroll down to enjoy my updates + selection of links from around the web lately. Keep cool. Keep an eye on the sky. Be well!

Cheers, Heather

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  1. Deborah Hansen says:

    Those osprey! Wish we had some large birds in view here- all we’ve got that are visible daily are turkey vultures, and, well….they’re vultures. Go Gabe! I can’t imagine running even one mile, much less 100!! The “Tour de Pharmacy” looks hilarious! I love watching the real race and it has it’s own humorous moments, but the movie looks great. Have fun watching your confused ospreys and enjoy the weekend!

  2. Sandy says:

    Thanks for the fascinating story of the osprey – I request a weekly update in the Weekend Post! The “bird book” you reference looks interesting. Our back yard provides us (and Sophie!) with endless entertainment by little birds, bunnies and squirrels; it would be nice to learn more about what their behaviors mean.
    We are also tracking the Hardrock 100 – run Gabe, run!

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