There’s something to this sit spot concept. Basically, find a piece of nature nearby that you can regularly return to — preferably close to dawn or dusk when it’ll be just you — and then: sit. Be still, but use your senses to take in and better understand the surroundings and wildlife without being a disturbing presence. I like to think of it as a quiet adventure. An almost meditative ritual that always puts me in a laid back mood.

In our backyard, the formally dressed eastern kingbirds flutter around me at sunset, chattering and chasing off a mourning dove pair, a blue jay, the fig-hungry mockingbirds who dare perch in their sit spots in the pear and sumac. Further afield, our osprey couple continues the confusing fortification of two separate nests. On a particularly calm evening this week 30 minutes slipped by watching the male deftly swoop into the neighbor’s tree, break off dead branches, some nearing three feet, and work each into the nests. I could actually hear his wing beats and the snapping of wood. Instant calm.

FNP with Gorgonzola snow, fig slices, fresh thyme + shavings of red onion and jalapeño

Under their watchful eyes, household rituals keep me grounded and relaxed, helping pulling me out of this heat- or work– or other stress-related funk I’m stuck in. Friday night pizzas and dessert experimentation — heavy on the homegrown figs + fresh cherries + chocolate — don’t hurt either.

Black Forest “napoleon” with brandy-soaked (GF) chocolate sponge, yogurt whipped cream + red wine cherries

Scroll down for some links + updates if you’re feeling browsy, then have fun finding your own sit spot. Here’s to a nice weekend!

Cheers, Heather

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  1. Sandy says:

    As always, I enjoy updates on “your” Ospreys; how interesting it must be to see and hear their homemaking efforts. The recipes and foods look fantastic; I have my eye on that cherry Napoleon. Thanks for the Juvenile Arthritis shout out; our young friend Allison Ham, diagnosed at age 22 months is the current Milwaukee Youth Champion.

  2. Deborah Hansen says:

    Love the idea of just sitting in a quiet spot in nature and watching. Kind of like just sitting on my horse’s back as she meanders and checks out what’s good to eat. That’s a lovely Napoleon you’ve made and I’ll be watching to see your take on the merveilleux! Those poor ospreys seem to have taken on a daunting task with the renovations of two nests! DIYers for sure!

    • Heather Goesch, MPH, RDN, LDN says:

      DIY ospreys — HA! They definitely are, and while committed, they’re not the most prudent. Suppose there are certain inherent limits when you’re a bird. It does sound peaceful atop your horse; though, I’m nervous about sliding off when one dips its head down to nibble the grass. Stay tuned for a merveilleux? …

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