Any fun plans for the weekend? Here, a continuous August downpour means the yard is springing up at a prodigious rate. We really should mow the “field” + have a go at the weeds (wearing gloves for this demon apparently), but there’s that rain again

With two weeks on the road in separate directions on the horizon for me, shutting in for a slowdown — or at least as much of one as I’m capable of — will be welcome. That, and soup.

This little Weekly Suppers number is a silky pureed cauliflower and red lentil soup — not a drop of cream, but tons of flavor from chicken bone stock + sweating the onions and garlic in the rendered fat of our homemade bacon. Fennel fronds + those porky crisps perfectly finish each comforting bowl.

Hope your weekend is eventful in the best way possible. I, on the other hand, promise to (try my best to) be (relatively) unproductive. [She typed dubiously.] Enjoy the updates + weekly round-up of my favorite links from around the webs!

Cheers, Heather

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  1. Deborah Hansen says:

    Go ahead…be unproductive, you deserve a slow day! Your soup sounds so good. It’s been cool here, for August, and soup would go down well! Definitely wear your gloves to get rid of that lawn scourge. I spent all morning with my horse (and my riding instructor), so that was time well spent! Poor ospreys! It just isn’t their year. Let’s hope next year is much better for them!

    • Heather Goesch, MPH, RDN, LDN says:

      We could go for a stretch of cool weather about now. The rain dipped us back down into the upper 80s for slight relief temp-wise, but it also ratcheted up the humidity — so close and difficult to breathe. That’s just August here! Glad you, at least, have moderate days to enjoy outside, and with your horse! Make some soup :)

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