Did you catch the eclipse on Monday? Where we were in South Carolina, clouds added a little suspense, parting just in time to give us the entire show. A bright afternoon instantly turned to hazy dusk, prompting street lights to come on. Towering clouds in the distance took on an eerie glow, fighting for attention with two very visible planets. The heat and humidity dropped, ushering in a welcome two minutes of almost autumnal coolness.

And then, as soon as the “diamond ring” appeared, it was gone. The August day returned to normal as if nothing happened, crowds packing up and heading home. I was left in total awe, far more impressed than I thought I would be… also thinking to myself: Where is George Harrison when you need him?

While everyone else gazed at those celestial wonders in the sky, I took breaks to see the magic happening beneath our feet. Crisp shadows — to the point where we could clearly make out individual hairs — and the fascinating projections of mini eclipses on the pavement.

All that eclipse excitement and a very long work travel week have me running on fumes this morning, and taking deep gulps from the “big mug” of milky coffee in hopes of scrubbing the tired from my eyes and brain.

What are you up to this weekend? It’s the last of this month, and I hope yours is relaxing + full of simple joys. Don’t miss the updates + links below, and please send up all of your thoughts + prayers to those in the destructive path of Harvey!

Cheers, Heather

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  1. Deborah Hansen says:

    Bwahaha, love the “Mr Steak” story! The Midwest is just one big guy….it’s all those sports, I think. Your photos of the eclipse time are lovely- I really liked the flaming pic of the sun and the tiny eclipses under the tree! And what a great idea to recycle the eclipse glasses! A terrific post, which I’ve come expect. Thank you!

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