North Carolina generally dances to its own finger-plucked tune for juuuust about everything, and seasonality is without exception. Yet, I’m beginning to sense that the intense summer sun is finally fading.

No less humid, mind you, but I welcome any respite offered. Then again, with the decline in daylight hours comes the decline of the harvest. Our fresh Celeste figs + yellow pear tomatoes already slipped away, and the basil is soon to follow. Sure will miss those summer garden gems.

Are you enjoying appropriately cool, crisp and clear days? Maybe you even have a riot of ever-changing leaves coloring the landscape? I hope so, and that you have something fall-y planned for this weekend. Between remodeling our stairs + yard work, we’re going to the local nursery’s autumn festival to mingle with the plants + flowers, sip some apple cider, maybe feed the baby goats!

Happy last day of September!

Cheers, Heather

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