Sing a song of seasons!
Something bright in all!
Flowers in the summer,
Fires in the fall!
— Robert Louis Stevenson

The comforting smell of wood smoke is drifting in on the breeze with more regularity these days, much to my delight. Adding to the faux-ll feel are these natural clusters of goldenrod + these crispy bronze fern fronds (aptly called Autumn Brilliance) dotting the wetlands in our backyard. Little things save the day.

What are your plans this weekend? We have a construction zone to sort out, or at least make some more headway on. All this painting, sanding, drilling, vacuuming — I think the cats are ready to revolt! The 4,386th new food we started them on this morning is a hit, though, so hopefully that appeases them (and helps poor Clawde).

Here’s to a peaceful + healthy weekend, and don’t miss my updates + links below before you go.

Cheers, Heather

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Some interesting, fun, delicious reads:

  • October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Three out of every 1,000 mammograms result in a breast cancer diagnosis, according to the American Cancer Society. Early detection increases chances of survival to more than 90%, so schedule yourself an appointment this month and encourage your loved ones to do the same! Mammogram party?
  • More evidence that our pets are part of the family.
  • Listen to a full hour of classic spooky movie music.
  • A new app designed to help make travel planning less stressful.
  • Or maybe you prefer this app with which you can quite literally wake up to the sound of bacon cooking?
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  1. Deb Hansen says:

    It finally feels, smells and looks autumnal here! Overcast, very rainy and windy with we leaves flying and swirling. I love it! I love the photo of the weeds (but they are more than just weeds, aren’t they?). I hope Clawde’s food has great benefit for him. “Hedwig’s Theme”- that’s one of my all time favorite music pieces; it’s so haunting, isn’t it? A great article on caring for sick pets, as you should know. Another wonderful post- I always look forward to the weekend for them!

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