For a fleeting period of time it was drizzly and moody autumn-almost-winter here in North Carolina. Out came the extra comforter, the slippers, and the belly-warming meals. But now we’re back to bright blue, sunny + hot, sweating under the blanket we keep forgetting to take off the bed.

A long overdue Weekly Suppers flashback to a pan of pasta this week. Little ears with sauteed garlic and lemon broccoli + feta whipped with lemon zest and hot red chilli flakes. At the table a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil over our bowls, and glasses of our bright + crisp Grüner Veltiner to toast with. Another deliciously comforting meal!

What do you have planned this weekend? Here the to-dos are making up new batches of homemade yogurt + mondo butter, curiously watching the Packers sans Aaron, and those never-ending outdoor chores (at least it’s warm again). Hope your weekend is sunny + great, and if you’re in the mood for perusing, check out my updates + links from here and there…

Cheers, Heather

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